Before filling out an online maintenance request form we recommend that you have a quick read of our list below which outlines some solutions to common problems

Blocked Drains/ Sinks

If you are unable to move the blockage with use of a plunger, use a drain cleaner such as Drano. Follow the instructions carefully as it is a corrosive substance. Wear gloves at all times and ensure the room is well-ventilated. In many bathroom sinks and showers, the drain cover can be lifted to help remove the blockage.

Water Not Working?

Contact your local water supplier to check if there is a fault or to advise the roadside leak. They can also advise you how to check for a leak if you have received a high water bill. Auckland Council (Watercare): (09) 442 2222

Experiencing No Gas or Gas Hot Water

If you experience problems with a gas hot water system, check that the pilot light is on. Check the instructions on the system for relighting the pilot light. You can also adjust the temperature of the hot water system; this should be included in the instructions.

Experiencing No Electricity or No Hot Water

Contact your local electricity supplier first to check if there is a fault or to see if the ripple relay has been turned off overnight. For Auckland City, Manukau City, Papakura phone Vector faults on 0508 832 867. For North Shore, Waitakere, Rodney phone your electricity company (see your power bill). Check fuses and safety switch located in the electrical meter box. If the safety switch has tripped, reset it. If it trips again, turn off all power points and unplug appliances. Plug in appliances one by one to determine which one is tripping the switch. If the appliance belongs to you, you will need to arrange repairs. If the appliance belongs to the owner, please contact ProEdge Property Management.

If you are still experiencing issues, please fill out our online maintenance request form.

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